Burning the stupid candle Part 1

I have taken on so much personal stress for so many years that Im having to relearn how to relax, unplug and trust others.

I really wish this wasn’t true. I like to try and be a good example. And I truly hate it when the ‘example’ that I present is what ‘not to do.’. But I have definitely handled this wrongly over the past 12 years.

I should have caught on to this. But I haven’t always realized the reality. The truth is, I have wanted the illusive ‘it’ so much that when it seemed it wasn’t going to happen, I tried to make ‘it’ happen. When it felt like others let me down, I tried to do their part for them. When we didn’t have enough, I tried to be enough…

I have carried too much weight. I have stumbled because of it. I have tried to accomplish, as an individual, what only a church of many people could do.

And I am paying for it now.

Sleep deprivation, blood pressure issues, loneliness and broken relationships are all a sign of what I am describing.

This is why Jesus tells us to love our neighbors, trust our partners, share our responsibilities, build other leaders and be the church.

This is my new way of thinking.

So what kind of mistakes have you made in your professional life?

I’d like to read about them…