Burning the Stupid Candle Part 2

So last night I shared, once again, about the struggle with stress that took me to the brink of quitting several years ago. As I’ve shared before, in my desire to do right, I worked at a pace that was wrong. Wrong for me, wrong for my family and wrong for the church.

In 2008, I submitted to a Life Coach who helped me see things through a different perspective. I also began to build trust in others, learned to lead leaders differently and expected different things from myself.

In 2010, I added exercise and diet changes to my pace. I lost some weight and recreated the way I dealt with stress in my life. I learned to burn those energies in helpful ways as help my body build endurance in the process.

I also realized that when in difficult situations, I have to rely on Christ for strength.

I still face stress. I’m sure everyone reading this does as well. So today, I try to think differently, expect only what is possible of myself, burn my nervous energies with healthy exercise, eat in the way God intended, trust Him and ultimately… only burn that candle at one end.

Many people have prayed for me. Many people have helped in literally hundreds of ways. And I am blessed to have you all in my life.

Thank you.