New 4RC Calvert City Facility


After another day putting some finishing touches on the new 4RC Calvert City, I am so excited about this weekend. A team of 4 (20 something) young men, a few 4RC staff and some other local members of the Calvert campus made it all happen.

I’m so thankful for everyone who has worked on this facility. You are far too many to name. But you know who you are and I am truly thankful for your personal investment in all that God is doing in 4RC.

There is another work day this Saturday at 10 am. We still need to hang the big front sign, do some serious clean up & finish a few other big projects.

Please consider being there to help on Saturday.

Then, be there on Sunday morning at 9:15 & 11 to worship Christ & celebrate all that God is doing as we move into the new facility!