Get your tail in church this Easter

OK. Maybe that was a little over the top.. lol.

But really, there is no better time than this. Churches, the good ones at least, pull out all the stops at Easter. They are so excited and hopeful the new guests will show up. And nearly everything they do is to the highest quality that they can muster. There really is no better time to check out a church.

I know that at in Western Kentucky, we go crazy, in a good way, at Easter. We added 4 extra gatherings at our 3 campuses. We will be led in worship by at least 6 different bands/worship leaders. We will be led through the gatherings by at least 6 different emcees. Our kids ministries will be full of excitement and anticipation.

Everything is at its best at Easter.

You can find a complete list of Easter gatherings for Four Rivers by checking out the large banner at the top of

So why is Easter so important? I mean, its all about eggs, bunnies and chocolate, right?

Well, that’s certainly part of the American holiday. But Easter is much older than America or American tradition.

Easter is the biggest holiday in the life of a Christian. Easter is huge in importance and value.

The week leading up to Easter is called HOLY WEEK. Although a Roman Catholic could probably better describe all the intricacies of holy week, let me give you an overview.

Palm Sunday (The Sunday before Easter) commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Holy Monday commemorates the moment when Mary pours perfume over Jesus feet. This story seems to lead to Judas Iscariot’s betrayal because he was worried about how much the perfume cost and that Mary was being wasteful. This is a very special story in the development of the gospel.

Holy Tuesday commemorates the Parable of the 10 Virgins which Jesus used to teach about readiness and preparedness. It is on this day that we get ourselves ready to meet Christ through his death and resurrection.

Holy Wednesday commemorates, among other things, the decision made by Judas Iscariot to betray Christ.

Holy “Maundy” Thursday commemorates the washing of feet and the last supper.

Good Friday remembers the death of Christ on the Cross to forgive the sins of the world. It is a very somber and difficult day for those who take this holiday seriously.

Saturday is about Jesus’s body, dead in the tomb.

But then Sunday is Easter! Tomb empty. Stone rolled away. Salvations secure. Lives Changed!

And that is why this is such a huge holiday. It commemorates the most important part of Christian history.

Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in church this week.

We would love to have you at Four Rivers.