I found one!


I have a collection of newspapers from the Paducah Sun & the Lexington Herald that we’re printed after each of UK’s national championship wins. But yesterday, I just forgot to pick one up.

But I found one.

The Paducah Sun still has a few copies of yesterday’s paper for sale. So I grabbed a few for me and the boys.

I find so mug joy in my hobbies. Mountain Biking, running, NCAA basketball, fishing, music, boating, camping… etc. These feel like gifts from God to me. And I am learning how to enjoy and be more and more at peace with life.

These memories will always be there. And hopefully, my sons will develop similar loves for things that bring joy like these do in my life.

I am teaching this week, Holy Week, at 10 different worship gatherings in Paducah, Calvert City & Eddyville on a similar topic.

Are you a happy person? Is your joy only momentary? Does it come as go or does your happiness stay even when things are hard?

This is the focus this Easter at Four Rivers Church.