Lessons learned from Freddie Couples leading the Masters Golf Tourney

Most people don’t realize how much I love golf. I don’t tend to talk about golf a lot, but I have played avidly and been in love with the sport since I was a young child. (Thanks to my dad who took me golfing nearly every day of the summer when I was a kid.)

The Masters tournament is going on this week. For those who do not know, this is the biggest tournament in golf.

Anyway, 20 years ago, a 32 year old man named Freddie Couples was my favorite pro golfer. I was a senior in high school, played high school golf for Livingston Central, and loved the Masters.

And he won that year. He put on the prestigious green jacket and was the envy of young men like myself who love the game.

I was and have always been a Freddie Couples fan. He is truly a great personality and great player.

And today, at 52… He is leading the Masters once again.

To the point..

I tend to think younger than I should. At 38 I sometimes feel beyond my prime as if I’m getting older in a young man’s game… (I know that sounds stupid. But I lead an innovative church. And although I grow spiritually with age… Innovation comes more naturally to the young.)

I hope that like Freddie, I am still honing my skills a putting them to good use in my 50’s.

Go Freddie. You can win this thing!