The Average Church

Just received an email from Pastor Nelson Searcy that included this list of things about the ‘average’ church. I found his thoughts interesting and thought I’d share them with you.

This is all part of a new network of pastors he has started called the ‘Renegade Pastors’.

I’m not a member of the group just yet. But I thought his ideas were worth sharing.

From Nelson…

“Quite simply, a Renegade Pastor is someone who has abandoned “average” and is pursuing God’s highest best for their life, their ministry and their church. In case you haven’t noticed, ‘average’ is BAD…

* The average church is declining by 9% a year (the problem with a decline of 9% a year is that you generally don’t notice it until year three and then its too late).

* The average church is behind on budget and thus unable to say ‘yes’ to God-sized Kingdom opportunities should God send them their way (He probably won’t because it would be an injustice – think about it).

* The average church is begging for money, begging for volunteers, begging for lost people to attend (begging may humble you but humility doesn’t require it).

* The average church is seeking a new pastor every 18 months (easier to find a new pastor than break the cycle of average).

* The average church has developed systems to keep them and their pastor operating in average ways”