Photos from 4RC Paducah & Eddyville


We had a great day at Four Rivers yesterday. Pastor Stoney told me that one person met Christ at the Calvert City campus. We also had a large
crowd there.

That new facility is truly turning out to be a big help to an already ‘on fire’ campus.

Eddyville had a great crowd despite the Spring Break crowd loss. I am really proud of the new band who led worship. They did a great job.

It was also nice to have so many guests from Suwanee Furnace Baptist Church. I really like those folks.

The Paducah campus had a stellar day. 8 people made professions of faith. Jonas and the band did a great accoustic worship set. The altar was filled with people getting serious with Christ about various things in their lives. It was an honor to be a part of it.