Hush Up!

I spent the day being intentionally quiet. And, as you know, that doesn’t come naturally for me. Yeah, I’m a talker. I like noise. In fact, much silence seems uncomfortable to me.

But, like many spiritual experiences, regardless of my level of comfort silence is very good for me. And it can be good for all of us.

This is why I think we, or at least I, become uncomfortable in silent environments… We are afraid of being left all alone.

The fear of being left all alone petrifies us. This could be a mother whose kids have left the nest, a father whose daughter has started dating, a child who has wandered from their parents in a clothing store after hiding under the clothes hangers… (yeah, that was me…)

Being all alone, truly lonely… Stinks!

So we fill our world with things that stimulate us, things that help us forget when we are alone, things that help us connect over distances… These distractions fill our ears with pleasant sounds, our eyes with beautiful images and our mind with constant thoughts.

And with all the good that these things can bring… They can cause us to hear, see and think about the wrong things. They can distance us from God, the one who never truly leaves us alone.

This week I teach on the biblical value of silence and solitude in our lives…