Maintainable Livable Pace

Several years ago, I instated a new set of standards for our staff and volunteers at Four Rivers. These standards included work expectations, educational goals and attitude hopes. One of the things that was also included was the statement that all ministries, volunteers and staff members are expected to proceed at a ‘maintainable-livable pace.’

Our goal was to make sure we didn’t start more things than we could continue.

And honestly, we haven’t always followed this standard well.

That is why I am insisting that we slow a few things down. This will happen in a few ways.

1. We have completed some huge tasks that will not be replaced with new tasks. The new 4RC Calvert Campus facility is up and running. We have successfully moved out of the previous building. And this has been a huge stress on our volunteers and staff alike. Glad that’s complete…

2. We have also made strides in training a few new leaders to fill the positions opened by those who needed to move to other things. This is progressing well. Although new leaders almost never fully ‘fill the shoes’ of those they are replacing, there is an inherent growth that comes from utilizing new leaders. And we are already beginning to see this in a few ways at 4RC. The potential for good leadership in the future looks very good.

3. We are entering into the summer. And as a whole, the summer is a relaxed time period for the church. This was not true last summer. Last summer we started 2 new worship experiences and expanded into a new community. Although we plan to continue those endeavors this summer. We will most likely not be adding any new gatherings in the next few months. The summer itself should provide some opportunity to rest for both volunteers and staff alike.

4. Planning for next season will keep “maintainable-livable pace” at a higher level of expectation. We will simply chose to be more wise in our total endeavor-undertakings. We can do great ministry without over stressing a few people in the process.

I believe that the future is extremely bright for Four Rivers. And I look forward to living through this summer with everyone.