Top 10 Things I Don’t Understand About Overly Religious Nominal Christians

I plan on writing a few ‘top ten’ lists over the next few weeks. Maybe they will stir some thoughts on important spiritual issues. Some will hopefully be hysterical. Some will be serious. I’ll try to squeeze a little of both into each…

Here are the top ten things that after 38 years of church attendance and 20 years of pastoring churches… I still don’t understand about many overly religious nominal church folk.

Remember, my attempt is to be slightly funny…

So take this with tongue in cheek…

10. How easy it is for most to separate themselves from the sacrifices required to help the church be successful in spreading the gospel.

9. Why do you feel that your attendance in and of itself is a blessing to the rest of the church.

8. Why… instead of seeking the most biblical or even missionally helpful church, do you look for the church that will bring the most benefit to you personally.

7. Why is forgiveness so rare in your life?

6. Why so many see volunteerism as a sacrifice instead of enjoying acts of service.

5. How are you able to avoid noticing the plight of the lost world around you?

4. Why so many people who don’t read Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic are so opinionated about specifically using the King James Bible.

3. How are you able to continue making choices that hurt others without any remorse, sorrow or life change?

2. Why do you listen to people who make a lifestyle out of griping and complaining?

1. Ill probably never understand why most nominal, overly religious people never personally express gratitude to the hard working ad committed church folk who serve faithfully to bless the church and the community.

Ok, so maybe a little funny. Sadly, it’s quite true for many as well. So let’s all consider wether or not any of this fits us. And then make positive changes accordingly…