Book Recommendation: “The Blessed Life” by Robert Morris

The sub-title is “A GUide to Thriving in Tough Economic Times.” It’s a great book. And it would be a benefit to your family right now. In fact, I have been so impressed with this writer and his perspective on Biblical teaching about finance that I have invited him to speak to us this weekend as a part of our Remember series. He and I will team up to share helpful truths about the Bible’s teaching concerning finance in the home and in the church.

These are the types of teachings that helped our family stay afloat financially during tough times.

Over the past 12 years, as we have started 4RC, I personally went 9 months at one time with no paying job. I also volunteers for payment reduction or withholding on more than one occasion. And yet, during those times, God has blessed our family financially. And I believe that it is specifically because of the things that Robert will be speaking about this weekend that brought about that blessing.

Make sure you are at 4RC this weekend to experience “God must be first… a guide to living the blessed life.” as part of the Remember series here at Four Rivers Church.