What a shot!

I took the time, earlier this week, to play a round of golf at Calvert City Country Club with a few good friends of mine. I was walking, carrying my bag… not to mention, playing pretty badly that day. (I was 7 over on two back to back holes.) And that’s what I would like to be scoring on an entire 18 hole round. So, not much to talk about concerning my score that day.

But then I hit this tee shot on #7.

Hole #7 on the front 9 of Calvert City County Club has a reputation. Its certainly the most challenging par 3 on that course. It has led many players to shout obscenities, break clubs and thoroughly miss out on the enjoyment of a good day of golf.

It is rare to par the hole and certainly even more rare to have a birdie on it.

That’ is what makes this T shot so special. Its the best tee shot I’ve ever had on this hole. And I’ve been playing CCCC since I was 8 years old.

I walked up, looked closely, and tapped the put in for a birdie!

Too bad it was my second tee shot. The first one went in the water in front of the tee Box.

Score 4 on that par 3 once again.

Sometimes you have to look for the positive in order to see it… lol