We just aren’t enough…

One of the most challenging things about leadership in the developing American church is administrating and negotiating the struggles of diversity.

You see, if everyone thinks-acts-believes the same things about all things… it’s pretty easy to lead.

But that never really happens does it.

In a diverse church (Like Four Rivers), where people think-act-believe in different ways at different times, we have to deal with the differences.

We have to welcome the same diversities that will be evident in heaven…

Now, I’m not really talking about heresy. Heresy is a bad teaching that is so bad that it takes away from or ‘lies’ about the core Christian truths that we hold dear.

I’m talking about those other (open handed) issues where Christians have freedom to follow their own understanding of Scriptural teachings.

In these areas, I am learning that some choose unity in the diversity. And others simply want everyone to do it – see it – live it their way—all the time.

And for those folks, leaders like me who lovingly try to lead in diversity will never be enough.

So to all those leaders who aren’t:

Conservative enough for the fundamentalists…

Liberal enough for the Liberals…

White enough for the whites only folks.

Black enough for the black only folks.

Manifestation enough for the wild charismatics…

Spiritually inactive enough for the ceasationists…

Rock N Roll enough for the young only folks

Traditional enough for the old school only folks.

Denominational enough for the (insert denom name) only folks.

Loud enough for those who like yelling.

Quiet enough for those who love reverence.

Prosperity enough for those who want more ‘blessing’ from God.


I think you stand in a good place.

Just make sure that no matter what… You are gospel enough for a God of grace & mercy. Make sure you are cross & resurrection enough for the Messiah.

And that is ultimately about understanding that Christ is ENOUGH for His Church.

Lead well… You stand in a good place.

It is sometimes lonely. It is sometimes frustrating. You may want to lose heart.


Keep focusing on the gospel of Christ.

Keep standing in His Grace.