The value of rest…

Do you rest?

We live in an action culture. We tend to see work as valuable, busyness as important and rest as lazy. Mistake.

I have done this for years. 12-14 hour days… Working on my phone with email, FB, calls and texting about work related stuff late into the night…

I’ve missed family time, casual conversations and rest.

And rest is valuable.

In 2007-2008 I experienced a form of depression that just about ended my ministry. It could have broken my family, wounded my relationship with God and ultimately rendered my life fairly useless.

I was working hard. But much of my work was in vain and maybe even counter productive in the long run.

Then I learned to rest.

Did you know that the first issue related to the ‘Sabbath’ is that of rest?

God knows we need rest. God knows you need rest.

So he commanded us to keep the sabbath…

In other words, “get some rest.”

But not just pointless rest. This is God focused rest. Rest that results in a deeper more intimate and real life with God.

It’s a rest where we ask the important questions, seek the biggest answers and ultimately rebuild the spirit in us.

Get some rest folks.

It’s a God given right, opportunity and command.

Get some God focused rest this summer.

I hope part of that comes at Four Rivers Church…