Would you pray for me?

I’m usually the one asking how I can pray for you. And traditionally, pastors don’t open up about their own struggles and ask for prayer. That’s a big mistake I think.

So know that in asking for these things, I am a bit nervous about showing weakness. I’m also a bit nervous that someone out there might try and use these bits of information against me. But I trust God to honor this honesty and believe that it could be a big help to me, the church and all of us ultimately.

Here are a few areas where I would appreciate your prayers right now. Some are really important… some probably not so much.

1. Pray for my motivation. I have always been highly motivated. I finished 3rd in my class in high school, finished college in 4 years, a masters degree 3 years later and I had my doctorate by 32. I’ve always been the guy who pushed really hard and expected a lot from himself. But the past few months have been hard on my motivation. And although I know that God will do this, I feel a bit unmotivated as compared to my normal ‘driven’ self. I’m asking for a jolt of missional motivation from God.

2. Ask God to continually renew my hope. We are nothing without hope. And although I tend to live with a great deal of it, there are times when hope seems weaker than others. Please ask God to build in me a huge sense of hope. I want to live knowing that God is in control. I want to live knowing that God has a plan. I want to live knowing that every valley has a mountain top on the other side. And I want to live knowing that every challenge comes with a valuable lesson to be learned. As my hope grows larger and larger… so my faith and love do as well. Ask God to energize the hope in me.

Psalm 119:116 LORD, sustain me as you promised, that I may live! Do not let my hope be crushed.117 Sustain me, and I will be rescued; then I will meditate continually on your decrees.

3. Pray that God help me grow as a husband and father. I know that most people know me as a pastor or leader. But the most important thing I do in life is be a husband to Stephanie and a dad to Bradon and Jackson. This summer is going to afford me many opportunities to spend special time with them. And I don’t want to miss the opportunity. Pray that God show me clearly all the ways that I can continue to grow as a husband and father. This is a responsibility in my life and a calling of my time that I definitely do not want to miss.

4. Pray that I continually see clear vision for the church. I am certainly not the only one who helps fashion the vision for the church. But whoever and wherever (Christ) it comes from… I have to see it clearly in order to lead it well. There are times when I don’t know exactly what to do next. And I don’t want my lack of clarity to ever be a problem for the church. 4RC is an amazing congregation with amazing realities in it. God has a beautiful future for this church. And I desire to see as much of it as He will grant me privilege.

5. Pray that I not overlook people in a quest for task, strategy and missional growth. People is ultimately what its all about. But its easy in a busy, stressful job to miss that. And I’ve been guilty of it in the past. I don’t want to be guilty of it ever again. Pray that God keep a softness to my heart and an openness to my ears when it comes to loving and caring for people. This is a high value to me.

6. Pray that God protect me from the ‘fire darts’ or temptations thrown at me from Satan. God tells us in His word that those with responsibility will be attacked by the enemy. And as my responsibility as husband, father and pastor grows… so do the attacks. So pray that the Spirit of God wrap a protective presence around me. I want to finish this race. I want to follow His Spirit. I would never want to fall short due to lack of attentiveness to the enemies schemes. Even though its at the end of the list… this is an important one.

Thanks so much for praying for me. I pray for the people of 4RC and all of Western Kentucky regularly. And I am thankful for and respectful of your prayer support as well.

Thank you.