Linchpin Choices

There have been several times in my life were I have had to make a Linchpin choice. This is a choice that holds two or more things together… or sets them apart.

Usually, for me, these choices fall between the realization of my dreams/goals and the adherence to my standards/values.

That is important to note.

These choices come in various areas of life. I’ve experienced them in educational experiences, family decisions, leadership options, job choices, marital issues and relationship/friendship endeavors. Linchpin choices are everywhere.

Tends to work like this…

I am a goal oriented person. So in every area, I’m usually working toward something. But implied in the “working toward” part of that sentence are a few values/standards that guide my processes.

Often, there seems to be a way to move closer to the goals quickly. But it would require me to violate my values.

And doing that is always the wrong decision.

The flip side, is that sometimes to stick to your values and standards, it feels like you are working backwards in relationship to your goals. But do it you must.

That is how you make good linchpin decisions.

Never violate your own God given/biblical values/standards in order to reach your God given/biblical goals.