Focused Living: My New Plan


For the past 38 years, I have lived a fairly ‘spread out’ life.  From a very young age, I had many hobbies and interests.  I took piano and vocal music lessons.  I tried my hand at guitar.  I played golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, rode bikes and skateboards, ran track, hiked, fished, learned to water ski and camped.  As a young adult, while in college and working on my Master’s and Doctoral degrees, I took up Raccoon Hunting and dog obedience training.  I’ve also played around with shooting, archery and various other country boy activities…

Most of these things have found some way to work into my adult life.

Today I spread my free time between enjoying my family as well as reading, hiking, running, mountain biking, working out, playing golf, fishing and writing.  And the truth is, sometimes I feel spread thin.

I wonder if I would be better off focusing on a few activities and giving up on a few of the others.  

I have led our church to think that way.  We organize the ministries of 4RC around a ‘keep it simple’ church process.  We only do 3 things.  And we try to do those 3 things as well as possible.  We oversee worship gatherings, small groups and outreach events.  That’s it.  And over time, this has helped us to become better at the few things we do instead of spreading our resources thin in many ministries.

So would that process work in an individuals life?

Or are we better off enjoying many activities and spreading our time among various things?

I’m really wondering what you think about this?

Leave a comment here so that we can discuss this idea…