The Order of Change

Everything changes. If we want to see change then there is nothing more we need to do than just sit back and watch it happen. Change will occur one way or another. 

That’s the easy part. What’s difficult is influencing the change that is coming. In the natural world there is a fairly specific order to make this happen: 

  1. Someone cares,
  2. They accept responsibility,
  3. Authority is given so they can influence change. 

But as is often the case, what is normally last in the natural order of things usually comes first in God’s Kingdom. Jesus has given each of us the authority to influence change in communities, individuals, and even the Church. It’s the Great Commission. And with his authority as our starting point, it’s up to us to fill in the other two variables of the equation.

So if we aren’t influencing the changes occurring around us, then one of two things has happened. Either we haven’t accepted responsibility for our mission or there is something else we care about more. 

There can be no doubt about our authority—it’s clear and already granted. What’s left is for us to choose to accept our responsibility, choose to care, and choose to shape the world around us. 

The authority of Christ is challenging us to be agents of change. 

Live The Mission,