Finally Here: Coker Creek Village

Well we had a few detour like experiences today. We had one adult need to see a doctor for a minor illness. But we have medication in hand… the healing has begun, lol.

We had one van give us some trouble. But we have a great mechanic on the trip and he and a $20 trip to Advance Auto parts and the van is running wonderfully.

We arrived at Coker Creek a little later than expected as you can imagine. But the staff here adjusted our schedule and we got to do everything we had planned.

The joy highlight may have been the ‘chubby bunny’ contest where students tried to stuff as many marshmallows in their mouths as possible and then speak the words “Chubby Bunny.” Laughter was shall I say… plentiful.

And now they are almost all asleep.

I’m really proud of these students and adults. This has been one of the easier and most smooth trips that I have ever been on when it comes to relationships, cooperation and enjoyment.

We are reading the book of John together this week. So you may want to join us in that. Today the students read the first chapter, spent time in prayer and I taught two different times of passages in that chapter.

One student got his hands on the Bible we gave them and read 6 chapters by himself today. Wow!

Ultimately, I believe that God is going to do some amazing things with this trip. So please pray for us.

Tomorrow morning we go white water rafting. Then tomorrow afternoon we have devotions and free time.

Its going to be a great day.

Thanks everyone,