Thankful for our team

ImageI am the Lead Pastor of a wonderful church in Western Kentucky.  We have 3 campuses and meet in 6 different worship gatherings each week.  People meet Christ very often in this church and there is always a story of life change and personal growth being told.  Its really a great role and opportunity for me personally.  I am blessed to be in this role.

The greatest blessing is the opportunity to work with such a great team.

We have amazing team members in many different areas.  From the worship teams, group leaders, ministry teams, financial supporters and River Kids ministry servants… our team is wonderful all the way around.  And I am truly thankful.

At the campus leadership level, we have some amazing folks.  Ross, Terry, Aaron & Heather, Dawn, Skip & Sue, Jackie and Allan, Jon and Debbie… you know who you are.  You serve so wonderfully and are a true blessing.

I am especially thankful for those I work with throughout the week on the church’s staff.  These are some truly exciting, committed and special people.

Thank you to Sharon Stinson, Stoney Douthitt, Caleb Skinner, Tessa Brown, Zach Bishop, Leah Lummus, Brandi Clark, Greg Watson and Jonas Neihoff.

Not every one of these folks is on the ‘paid’ staff.  But they all contribute in extremely large ways.  And without them the church would do much less ministry than it does.

We have had to learn how to operate without a few of our team over the past few months.  Tess was on maternity leave… Zach has been on vacation for the past few weeks, Stoney had some things to wrap up with his last job and Caleb has been out of town.  Your absence has highlighted your value.  You are loved dearly…

Thank you so much.