Nothing like the Drive-In


I have been coming to the Calvert City Drive In theatre for many years. I have some great memories here.

Right now, my wife is in line for cheese burgers, my kids are playing in the big ditch and I’m in a bag chair breathing great West Ky air.

I love these memories.

I’m challenging the people of Four Rivers Church to invest in lasting and exciting memories for your family this summer. They don’t have to e expensive. They don’t have to involve travel. There are great memories waiting around the corner.

Today my kids played in our yard sprinkler. Then I did a little bass fishing. My wife sat on the front porch and watched it all.

It was a great day. And it’s not over.

Tonight we watch The Avengers!

Then tomorrow I welcome Captain America to all the campuses of Four Rivers Church.

I hope you will be there.

And I pray that you will make lasting and beautiful memories with your family this summer.