Reflecting in the value of music in the church…

I’m sitting here in the 4RC Paducah baptistry putting fresh water into today’s baptisms. The band is rehearsing right on the other side of the projection screen. And I’m worshiping God and reflecting on the value of music in my worship life…

I love music. I love to sing. But in moments of great worship I absolutely LOVE to sing to God.

It doesn’t always sound good. Sometimes my voice cracks. Sometimes my tone and pitch are off.. way off.

But God isn’t listening to our voiced near as much as He is listening to our hearts.

I think music must strike others in the same way. It has been a real tool of growth in the church over the past 13 years.

We have had some of the absolute best worship leaders and musicians anywhere in the area. And we are so thankful for them.

If you serve in the music ministry of 4RC… in Paducah, Calvert or Eddyville… Thank you.

You have been used to bless us. And I believe your hearts have blessed God.