Lessons I’ve learned from Tball #1

1. Winning isnt everything… but it really is something!

We technically don’t publicly keep score in TBall. I mean, we keep track of the 5 runs per inning guideline and the 3 outs per inning rule. But at the end of the game… there is no winner and loser. And that is a very good thing.

In the long run, teaching kids to love the game is the goal. And we do that win or lose.

But regardless of this reality… The kids still want to know ‘who won?’

You see, there is great fun in ‘playing’ the game. But, there is also an innate desire to produce in each of us. We want to play the game well enough to win the game… at least some of the time.

Assuming we tie our final game of the season… The Killer Bees will have a record of 6 wins – 1 loss – 3 ties.

(I said we didn’t publicaly keep score… That doesn’t mean that I didn’t privately keep score.)

At the one loss, I actually told my kids that the other team out-scored us.

I want them to appreciate the value of success and failure. (we can learn from both)

So, certainly, winning isn’t everything. But the first lesson I learned at TBall is that kids can and will learn the value of playing hard, well and with the right attitude so that when things are measured… They will each see themselves winning…

Someone asked me today, “which comes first… success or confidence?”

My answer is success. Or at least the perception of success.

What do you think?