Free to… by Stoney Douthitt

236 years ago, brave leaders stood together to start a REVOLUTION that would change the shape of the world. Because of that stand, we are free from the kind of tyranny and oppression that so often characterizes human, institutional leadership. The life and livelihood of many people were given to earn that freedom. Today we celebrate that freedom with American pride and style: with a BANG!

Well over 2000 years ago, our merciful Father God launched His final assault against the cruel, enslaving powers of this world. Those whom He loved were captured, behind enemy lines, and in need of rescue. All freedom comes at a price. Only one life was required, because of the quality of that LIFE: Jesus Christ. The price was still HIGH. Those of us who were rescued know fully that “If Christ has freed you, you are FREE INDEED!” (John 8.36)

There are a few kinds of “freedoms” that we can have. One of those is the “Freedom FROM”: from the slavery of oppression, bondage, sin, strife, and crippling fear. This merciful gift of freedom gives us peace and opens up previously unimaginable opportunities.

Then there’s “FREEDOM TO.” Freedom to live, learn and love. Freedom to become who we were designed to be. This is TRUE freedom because it provides purpose and direction for our lives.

While “Freedom From” unlocks our prison cell and unshackles our chains, “Freedom To” calls us out into open fields of joy to romp and run. Without the “Freedom To,” we would not be completely free. With it, we are free to “walk into” the good stuff that “God has prepared for us.” (Eph. 2.10)

So, celebrate your freedom today! All of it! And remember: Just because you are free from the DARKNESS, it doesn’t mean you will naturally walk in the LIGHT. But you are FREE TO !!!

Stoney Douthitt
Four Rivers Church