Lessons I’ve Learned From Tball #2

Today doesn’t have to define you. We can be defined more by tomorrow than today.

Here is what I mean.

The kids ask me after every game, “Did we win?”. But they never ask me “Am I a loser?”

You see, for them, a win is a win and a loss is a loss. But it’s not until we are older that we start gaining so much identity from our wins/losses.

Now I realize that kids are developing identity as well. And I’m sure that a string of losses would hit them hard as well.

But as an adult, I find myself tempted to define myself at times as only as good as the last win/loss. And Tball has reminded me of the stupidity in that way of thinking.

Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. But our identity doesn’t have to be tied together with out won/loss record. And it sure does not need to be connected to our last win/loss.

Remember, your identity is more about who God says you are than who you feel you are. Choose today to live the identity that God has given you.