People Help People… ???

I heard Ron Sylvia, the pastor of The Springs Church, speak today at the National Church Planters Leadership Summit in Nashville. Really great guy.

His church is in Ocala Florida… that’s near Orlando.

And he just said something that was so helpful to me.

He said,” The reason why we need to learn more about networking with and blessing people is…”

“Rich people are pretty good at helping one another, but poor people don’t tend to help each other.”

Now, I’m not sure that is totally true. I have seen lots of folks of various financial perspectives help one another. But their help just looks different. And that can’t be overlooked.

But, to use the truth within his comment…

I remember playing golf as a kid with men and teenagers who all had more money that my family. And over and over and over I remember conversations that were impressive to me.

“Hey Bob, I noticed that your son is the new quarterback at the high school. My brother in law is the college football coach at so and so university. I’ll give him a call and try to get your boy an interview…”

“Hey Cindy, I heard your daughter wants to be a doctor. My best friend from college is the recruiter for studetns at UK. I’ll see if I can get her a scholorship…”

These kinds of conversations were so normal.

And people blessed people over and over.

I want to find ways that 4RC can be a blessing and a hand up to folks who don’t have those kinds of opportunities. I want to help bless those who rarely feel like anyone notices them. I think we can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

So how do you think we can do this?