Reasons WWJD is the wrong question…

Pastor Artie Davis wrote this at Thought I’d repost…

Never really liked that phrase. There is to much room for “interpretation” with that mind set. I have seen so many people in and outside the church harmed so deeply by the “religious” and those with judgmental mind-sets!

When you can “interpret” WWJD, it opens the door for us to justify our own righteousness, and throw rocks at others’.

I think we need to change the way most of us view ourselves and others. The more closely we align that thinking with Jesus, the better we will be…


We should ask ourselves, WDJD (What did Jesus do)? Am I doing those things:

Loving the least of these

Building relationships with those outside the Kingdom

Building leaders that will change things tomorrow

Caring for the sick and orphaned

Defending the defenseless

Notice: We should only compare OURSELVES with Jesus, not others with Jesus!


When we look at others we should ask, WDJS (What did Jesus see)? Do I look at others as Jesus did:

Am I crying over their lostness

Do I focus on present failure of future potential

Do I see a miracle in the works

Am I believing the Father can use them powerfully

What I see is not reality, reality lies in the mind of the Father

Notice: We look at others like Jesus would, not looking to see if they are LIKE Jesus!

How are you doing?

How are you looking at yourself?

How are you looking at others?