Unity/Diversity at Four Rivers Church

In the church there are sheep (Christians), goats (non-Christians), shepherds (leaders who dedicate and sacrifice themselves for the good of the sheep) and wolves (people whose woundedness and/or sin cause them to attack the shepherds and try to take the sheep down.)

Make sense?

And don’t think I write this in jest. There are each of these in the church… especially churches that are missional and focused on reaching those who are lost.

We certainly have each role at 4RC.

So how do we handle this?

I’m pretty sure I have not always handled this well as a point leader. And I’m presently praying through and working with our pastors and leadership team on how to do better.

With that in mind… Here is something we probably need to do:

Teach Christians what they should believe or at least how they should handle many issues that we normally consider secondary issues. Truth is, we want to see people agree on the essential theology beliefs. But broad disagreement on secondary issues seems to regularly break unity.

We have majored on diversity in the past few years. But now we need to focus on unity as well.

So somewhere between the two polar opposites of everybody believe the same things or nobody believe the same things is a place where we can be both unified and diverse… Or at least I hope that place exists. We need to find it.

The truth is, there was a time when standardized Christian worldview was fairly easy to see lived out. Now it’s sometimes hard to find and recognize when you see it.

So what are some of the secondary issues that you think we should deal with?

Should I as a pastor/teacher clarify my personal beliefs about issues like:

1. Family roles
2. Alcohol usage
3. Abortion
4. Secular music
5. Bible translations
6. Divorce/Remarriage
7. Dating
8. Debt
9. Clothing/Modesty
10.Church Denominations

Do you think teaching on these issues would bring more unity or more division in a church as diverse as 4RC?