270 North Leading Worship Once A Month at Four Rivers

I sat down with the young men of 270 North last week. Basically, I proposed that 4RC be as supportive of what God was doing in their band as possible. And that begins with giving them spiritual guidance, coaching and support. So I plan on being there for these guys as they mature, grow and learn from God.

In addition, we are giving them a place to lead worship once a month from now on. They will most likely lead at 4RC Paducah most of the time, but the leaders at 4RC Calvert City will also have the freedom to invite them to lead worship there as well.

This is a good relationship for everyone. These are great young men with a wonderful future ahead of them as long as they continue to follow Christ with the passion and commitment that we have grown to see in each of them.

I’m excited to call these guys my friends. And I’m looking forward to doing ministry with them in the future.