All the good stuff hurts.

Being a parent, spouse, friend, leader and mentor have several things in common. They are rewarding, can be fun, provide a future for those we love and many other things.

I LOVE each of those roles.

But they also can and will hurt. Well, they will hurt if you do them well.

You see each requires personal sacrifice to be done correctly. They require a piece of us.

And that brings up my question.

What is with our aversion to being hurt?

Recently I have talked to so many people who have quit the valuable things in their lives because those things ‘hurt’ them.

“My wife hurt me.”. “My kids don’t appreciate me.”. My boss wasnt nice to me.”. “I was hurt by my church.”

And I don’t understand.

(Keep in mind, I’m not advocating sticking out actual abuse, or true danger.). But most of what I’m hearing wasn’t that at all.

The Scripture teaches Christians to rejoice when they are persecuted and persevere when life is hard. We are not to be emotional counter punchers who lash out at all that hurts us. We are not to run from pain… but toward it!

So, your spouse hurt you, your church hurt you, your friend hurt you.


It’s that simple.

If you won’t do that. Your not following Christ and you are destined to hurt others yourself.

Christians must toughen up. Outlast the challenges. Love must conquer hurt. Forgiveness must overrule offense.

That is how to be a successffat parent, spouse, friend and leader.