Best Friends…

My best friends have never been people…

Well, let me clarify. I am a blessed man when it comes to friendship. Men like Caleb Skinner, Stoney Douthitt, Jason Brinker, Rusty Wirt and Matt Rodgers are my closest friends. And when a man has that kind of friendships, he is truly blessed.

And my wife is my best friend, no doubt. We have been a couple for over 24 years and I trust her more than I trust myself.

But on some level, my best friends over the last few years have been my dogs.

Allow me to explain.

In 1998, my dog Grand Night Champion Grand Show Champion Joker’s Little Bandit and I won the Bluetick Breeders of America Kentucky State Hunt. Bandit was the father of “Smokey” the UT football mascot. He was also the best coonhound in Kentucky.

I was so proud.

In 1999, my dog Grand Night Champion Money in the Bank (Banker) and I traveled to Northern Ohio to challenge the world champion Bluetick and we really looked good, defeating him in his own back yard.

I was once again, so proud of him.

In 2000, my dog Grand Night Champion Grand Show Champion DH’s Blue River Missy and I won the NKC Ky State dog Show.

She was so beautiful and I was so thankful for her. Her brother won the world championships that same year.

From 1999 – Feb 2012 my dog Tramp was my closest friend. I told him everything. And he was a blessing to me. When he died, I knew Id never replace him. And I probably never will.

But tonight, as I sit outside on my Truck’s tailgate and listen to my young Bluetick Joe do his thing… I hope for a new friend.

And I just might have it.

Make sure that you don’t overlook the value of friends… both human and K9… lol