The Best Part About Letting Go

I’ve come to realize there is something else besides God that never changes.

It’s called the past. And no matter what we do now or will do in the future, the past will always remain as-is. It is forever locked, fixed, and immovable.

The past is an anchor of time. And as long as we hold on to its dead weight we can never move away from it. Whether it’s forged from the guilt of our own actions or from the hurt of someone else’s, we simply don’t have the strength to carry it with us.

But God is omnipotent. If he wanted he could change the past. It would be nothing for him to remove anchors from our lives or even make them lighter. But no matter how much we pray, beg, or ask, he doesn’t do this.

Which leaves us only one option. If we want to move forward we have to let go.

You see, God allows the past to remain unchangeable for one very good reason—he wants us to change instead of our past.

When we change, the past becomes irrelevant. When we change, the past is about someone who no longer exists. When we change, we overcome our past to become greater than what we have done. And when we change, we have the power to define ourselves instead of allowing the actions of others to do it for us.

And that is the best part about letting go—the ability to move on.

So just how do you let go of anchors past? Here are a few of my thoughts:

1)      Own your part in creating the anchor,

2)      Ask forgiveness of those you have wronged,

3)      Give forgiveness even when it is not asked,

4)      Accept the forgiveness God has already given, and

5)      Leave it in his hands—he is the only one strong enough to hold it.

Sure it’s easier said than done. But moving on is worth the struggle and is so much better than cradling an emotional anchor.

Live The Mission,