More Than Just Knowing… The Golf Story

Today Steph and I played golf with some of our very best friends. We love to play golf. It’s a fairly new hobby for Steph. She has only been playing regularly for about 3 years.

But I’ve been playing golf since I was about 10. And I’ve had my strong moments and my weak moments.

One time, I made the turn in a tournament in first place. And I felt like I was Tiger Woods in 2007. (Before the car wreck and all the wife trouble…)

Anyway, I digress…

Today I played very badly. Seriously, I played about as badly as I remember.

My drives were unpredictable. My approach shots were off aim. My chipping was too hard or soft. And my putting was… well, not precise.

The stupid thing is that I KNOW how to do all of those things much better than I was doing them.

I KNOW what to do with my feet, hands, shoulders, waist, follow through…

I KNOW all of it.

I KNOW enough to be a scratch golfer.

But there is a huge problem with this logic.

I’m NOT a scratch golfer.

Golf, you see, requires more than knowing…

It is a DOING kind of thing.

And this is where the bonus POINT of the story comes in.

Like golf, Christ following and Christian Leadership are both DOING kinds of things.

We can KNOW many things and still not DO them. You can memorize Scripture, go to church every week, do all the outward Christian religious things… and still not really follow Christ.

You have to DO THAT.

So are you a KNOWER or a DOER?

Think about it.