I quit!


No I don’t… I’m not quitting anything.

But, sometimes, like most leaders, I really want to. I’ve even seriously considered it a few times.

So I thought I’d write about the motivators that make me want to quit occasionally. And more importantly, I’ll share why I haven’t quit. And ultimately why I don’t think I ever will quit.

Things that make me want to quit:

1. When relationships fall because of decisions made. I am in a decision making role. I do my best and try to be consistent, ethical, logical and spirit led. But sometimes the results of decisions cause pain to people, and then those relationships are harmed. That makes me want to quit.

2. When my best plans as hardest work don’t succeed. This is ultimately about goals and expectations. When I or we don’t meet them… I want to quit.

3. When there is no provision/money. This one is frustrating. I want to trust God a rely on Him for provision. But the honest reality is… The better we are at reaching new people, the less money we have to work with.

Lost folks and new believers don’t typically give financially. And when you don’t give large amounts of attention to some christian folk, they leave and take their tithe dollars with them.

When it seems like God didn’t show up or provide, even after we were obedient… I want to quit.

4. When we fail because of sin. I see marriages fall, parenting get screwed up, jobs lost, and relationships broken… all because of sin like arrogance, selfishness and pride. When Christian folks let sin win and have major failures, I get discouraged and want to quit.

5. Any one of many other random things make me want to quit. I’ve been chewed out without reason. (a few times with reason as well… lol). I’ve been blamed. I’ve seen Christian folk act like the devil. I’ve seen the church be selfish, greedy and difficult.

I’ve seen non-Christians mistreated. God ignored. And Christ saddened by his people.

All of these can make me throw my hands in the air and cuss. They make me want to sing Imprecatory Psalms (look that one up) and become a ‘house church’ guy who never has to risk myself on others again. (Unintentional Slam on the House Church Movement here… I love the house church movement as long as its not motivated by fear or selfishness…)

But, Christ is never willing to let me do any of these. He won’t let me quit. It just won’t do…

Ways that Christ keeps me from quitting:

1. My wife’s consummate belief in me and this mission. Although she is willing to show me my faults, she really believes in me and this calling. And she won’t let me give up. (Good place for a country song quote…)

“Cause she believes in me… I’ll never know just what she sees in me…”

2. The stories of changed lives. I’ve never even heard of a church where things like this happen. Every week, sometimes every day, I am faced with stories of life change. God is using Four Rivers Church to change people’s lives. Its just a true statement. And its unheard of… Wow.

Men and women who had totally given up on Christ and the Church. Redeemed, restored and excited…

And this mission helped make it happen. The confirmation I get from your stories keeps me going.

3. My calling hasn’t changed. Every time I think about giving up, I work through what God has said. And it hasn’t changed. You see, if your an obedient follower, you don’t get to quit until Christ says quit. You don’t get to stop until it is His idea.

After all, why do we do this type of thing? Hopefully it is for one reason only… Because the Savior of our soul told us to. Our “calling” was and is His idea.

4. My kids need this church. You see, the church isn’t doing well in America. We are losing ground fast. And at this pace, my kids an grand kids won’t have a church. And neither will yours.

So I stick around to ensure that they will…

5. It’s still the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

The truth is, despite the frustrating sides to ministry, I love it. I love Christ. And I love His people.

So I won’t be quitting ministry any time soon. I stay encouraged, full of hope as confirmation. I move forward.

I, with each of you, LIVE THE MISSION!