What an amazing week at 4RC

1. Today Pastor Justin Bowers of New Community Church in West Virginia will lead his congregation to their first preview worship gathering. It’s a brand new church, in a very unchurched city, on a college campus, with a big future. And 4RC is a primary prayer and leadership partner for them. Check out their website to see all that God is doing in them. And 4RC folks, thanks for your support to giving financially, praying faithfully and trusting God deeply in all of this. God is at work through you.


2. We just finished an amazing children’s retreat this weekend. In fact, in the worship gatherings of 4RC this morning you will be hearing from kids who were there. It’s really worth hearing. God is working in kids and families here. I saw moms and dads developing relationships, kids making friends, and everyone growing closer to Christ.

3. We served over 700 hot dogs to inner city kids and families in Paducah last night. You did this. Sue Burgess told me last night that we had an abundance of servant attitude and person power. She said the community was highly blessed and that God was honored through you. Wow. That is the 4RC we want to be.

4. We saw a huge crowd at 4RC Paducah last night for the Plan Z concert. This is a new Christian band with a smooth rock sound that we have been endorsing. They were blessed to be able to use the facility, the crowd had a wonderful experience worshiping God and I saw several folks who were obviously moved in their faith.

5. This weekend you have been helping a single mom care for her kids. By the end of the day you will have fed them 4 times. I’ve been able to see first hand how this has blessed this young lady. It is a seriously cool thing to be a part of.

Remember, Jesus said that true religion involved caring for orphans and widows. When someone needs your help, you help them if at all possible. And I’m thankful for you because of that.

God is rising up in our hearts. Christ is at work among us. The Spirit is filling our lives.

Thank you 4RC.

See you this morning at worship. 9:45 & 11:15 at Paducah & Calvert City & tonight at 6 in Eddyville.