Dont Be Just A Spiritual Fan

Are you a fan? I am. I am a fan of UK basketball, ST Louis Baseball, various UFC fighters, various pro golfers, etc. I am a real fan.

I love to watch them do their thing from my sideline view. I can live vicariously through their athleticism, success, victory and even loss. I am a fan.

But there really is no place for ‘fanhood’ in the church.

I can’t just be a fan of Christ. I don’t need to live my spiritual life vicariously of some pastor, leader or saint. I need to get in the game.

I need to follow Christ with my own life…and certainly not just watch life from the sidelines.

This is what I’m talking about at 4RC this Sunday. So join me at 4RC and let us learn together how we can live our own spiritual lives and spend less time on the sidelines and more time in the game.

Playmaker 4 is this Sunday.