Let’s Give Back Together (Its GeneroCity week at 4RC)

This is a very special week at 4RC as the people of the church pray about several things.

We are praying for opportunity. We are praying for willingness. We are praying for fresh vision. We are praying for hope. We are praying for desire. We are praying for a strong future. We are praying for Him and all He wants from us.

And we all recognize that part of the opportunity, fresh vision, hope, etc begins with our very own willingness to give back.

So we are praying that God make each of us more willing, eager, excited and even joyful about giving.

So much life comes from our own willingness.

So much death comes from our own closed heartedness and unwillingness.

We choose the life over the death.

Four Rivers Church (4RC) lets pray like crazy this week.

And lets come together this week at our worship gatherings with a desire to give back together.