Mistakes Made in Leadership

I have made many mistakes as a leader over the years. In fact, in my present ministry position, I can quickly name several mistakes that I have made and the negative affects they cause. It’s a constant reminder if my own frailty and great need for God and His guidance.

For me, the worst kinds of mistakes are those that negatively affect a church’s culture. Sometimes leadership mistakes cause people to distrust one another, increase insecurity, lessen personal commitment and decrease responsibility. That is the worst of the worst for me personally.

One of the reasons I identify these as the ‘worst’ is that they have reoccurring affects. It seems that every week I encounter a cultural problem in the church that I can trace in some way back to a mistake I or some other leader made.

The mistakes I am writing about are normally not one time events. They are typically ongoing, continual mistakes that were made over time. And this caused cultural stress, struggle and weakness.

And they aren’t usually ‘big’ mistakes. By that, I mean, one individual example doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. The problem is that they are ongoing. They become the norm. And collectively, they can do great harm.

Identifying them in hindsight really stinks. And it can kick your emotional behind… making you want to smack yourself right in the center if the forehead while exclaiming “What was I thinking!”

So what lesson is to be learned?

Don’t allow yourself to make ongoing, continual cultural altering mistakes.

Easier said than done. But oh so important.

So what ongoing mistakes have you made lately? What ‘little’ things are you letting get by your desk? Lets agree as leaders to work on them. I know I’m working on mine.