Awesome Quote from a book I’m reading


This week I’ll be preaching the third week of the “6” series at 4RC.  It looks at the relationship between Moses & his Father-in-Law Jethro’s relationship.  I’ll be viewing Jethro as the “Butt Kicker” that we all need in our lives.  The person who pushes us into obedience and won’t allow us to get lazy, fat and momentarily happy…

Here is a wonderful quote from page 70 of Len Sweet’s book “11 Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without.”

“Jethros push us out the door while telling us, “Trust God.  The way will open.”  Who keeps your feet to the fire, your hands to the plow, both in your blessedness and your brokenness?  Just as bruised apples make the best pies, bruised and broke people make the best blessers and blessings.  And whose feet need to have the temperature raised on them a little?  Their hands reacquainted with the grip on the plow?  Their curse reversed and their spirits lifted up?  Ah yes, the joys of a boot to the caboose.”