A Bright & Beautiful Future for Four Rivers Church

This video was played on Sunday, January 20th at all Four Rivers Church campuses.  It was then followed up by a meeting on Sunday evening with the members and regular attenders of all campuses coming together to discuss the future of the church.

I wanted to detail the story of God’s calling on my life here at LeadTheChurch for those who were unable to attend the meeting Sunday evening.  

I live in Smithland, Kentucky which is in Livingston County.  This is the county in which I was raised.  It is also the county where I met my wife Stephanie and where we plan to raise our children.  I love and have always loved this community.

There is a church there called The Potters House that has had a very positive impact on the community over the past ten years.  They have a huge vision to reach the community with the love of Jesus.

But the past few years have held some difficult times for the church.  And my heart has been drawn to them for some time with great hopes of helping them move forward in mission.  And over the past few months, that interest has continued to grow.

In the summer of 2012, I offered to lead an event at the Potters House called “Recapturing Hope.”  We eventually held that event in September and at first, I thought I had completed the ‘help’ that God wanted me to give them.  The event went very well.  The people seemed to be full of hope.  And I was ready to move on to the next stage of leadership at Four Rivers.  I thought I had done all that God wanted me to do at the Potters House.

But as I continued to listen to the Spirit of God, so did the leadership of the Potters House.  A few other conversations continued between the church’s pastoral search team and my family.  Eventually, after several months, God got it through to me and to them that He was drawing us there to serve as the Lead Pastor.

In one way, this was surprising to me… simply because of my love for the people and ministry of 4RC.  But on the other hand, it became easy to see that God was fanning into flame another passion.  And that was the passion I had for my home community.  Although I will miss being a daily part of the ministry of 4RC immensely, I am full of hope for continued partnership and occasional involvement with 4RC.

I have the utmost of trust for the Navigational Leadership Team.  These leaders (Greg Watson, Tessa Brown, Don Swanner, Skip Burgess & Sharon Stinson) are amazing people.  And they have caught the vision of 4RC and won’t let up until the next stage of that vision has begun to take shape.

I will be in constant prayer and communication with the team.  And I have made myself available to them at their discretion in the future.  In fact, I will continue to serve as a member of that team for another month.  After that, my role will change from being the primary ‘leader’ of 4RC to becoming its loudest ‘cheerleader.’

I can’t stress enough the importance of a positive attitude, strong faith and constant hope is for the people of 4RC right now.  Put your faith in God.  Rest in him.  And watch, listen & pray as He leads 4RC to the next step in its beautiful life of Connection & Transformation.

Keep treating people with Compassion, Acceptance & Truth.  Continue praying, giving, serving, loving, learning and looking forward.

The church has never been about me.  It has always been about Christ.  And it continues in the mission and vision that God gave us 13 years ago.

The church has a great plan to connect with the people of Lifechurch.tv for support and leadership development.  Although I will continue preaching at 4RC for a few more weeks, eventually Pastor Craig Groeschel will take over the teaching/preaching responsibilities.  He is the BEST Biblical Communicator in America, by my standards. It is a true upgrade for the people of 4RC.

In fact, the strategy of growth that 4RC has used recently was an adaptation of the vision of Lifechurch.tv.  We have been doing things the Lifechurch.tv way for the past 7 years.  So things like RiverKIDS, RiverGROUPS, and outreach will not change.  They will only get better.

Eventually a new point leader will be named.  Until that time, the NAV team mentioned above will be teaming up with the pastoral staff (Stoney Douthitt, Caleb Skinner, etc) to lead the church.

4RC, you are in very good hands.  First you are in the hands of Christ.  And he has entrusted you to the hands of great leaders.  The sky is the limit for you if you continue to pray, serve, love, give and obey Christ.

Those things are all up to you.  Make sure you continue to LIVE THE MISSION.

I love you.  I believe in you.

Brad Henson