Praying in Preparation

Praying in Preparation

I tend to be someone who likes to jump into a situation and figure out the details after I am ‘in’ them. And that can sometimes look brave, courageous and faith filled… But that’s not always what it really is.

Sometimes it is nothing more than a lack of good preparation. In those moments I find myself surrounded by the ‘details’ of my dilemma without much understanding of how to handle them or any way to get out of them. I’m unprepared.

But over the last few months, God has been leading me to jump “in” to some really big things. This has also required me to jump ‘out’ of a few other important areas of my life.

Lets just say that these changes have been big enough that I really didn’t want to make them without preparation. I have been intimidated. I have been drawn to seek God’s preparation in my life.

And so now I find myself prepared for the change. I’ve hopefully helped to prepare others for the change. And I’m ready to see these changes take shape and produce spiritual fruit in the lives of many people, including my own.

And yet, I still find myself drawn to preparation. As if, maybe I’m still not as prepared as God wants me to be. And so I pray.

Now, to be honest, like preparation, prayer isn’t always my strongest area. Sure, I pray before I eat and when I go to bed. I pray at moments throughout the day. I think I have a mind open to God’s guidance that listens to his direction.

But I haven’t always dedicated large blocks of time to prepare in prayer.

This morning I knelt before God with other men in a prayer of preparation. We are preparing for a great movement of God. We are preparing for spiritual awakening in the churches of our region. We are praying that we be prepared to help lead it. We are praying that we be prepared to see it and know what to do with it when it happens.

We are praying for you. We are praying for ourselves. We are praying, preparing, hoping.

Would you join us today. Join me in preparation. Join together as we look to God for our future. Let’s pray in preparation for God’s future in our lives, our churches and our communities.