More than the sound of your own drum…

One of my favorite movies is ‘DRUMLINE.’

And the best dialogue in that film comes in a conversation between the professor and his protege protege. The young man’s only real problem is that he “loves the sound of his own drum more the the sound of the drum line.”

This point sticks out to me and is important for church leadership.

So you can preach.

So you can sing.

So you can lead.

So you can teach.

So you look good.

So you can play that instrument.

So you can tell people about Christ.

Maybe your a prodigy. Maybe you’re special.

But do you love the sound of your drum more than the sound of the line?

We as church leaders must love the church. We must love it’s people. We must love it’s mission.

And we temper our role with the needs of the church.

I have several examples from my life. Would you share some?