Getting the Gospel

For many years I have been entrenched in the details of Christ’s gospel. Themes such as imputed righteousness, substitutionary atonement, heart regeneration, sanctification and glorification fill my thoughts.

Today I am studying Romans 1:16-2:5. And the themes of human brokenness and sin keep being measured against the holiness/righteousness of God.

I have several thoughts rolling around in my head.

1. The only way for a human to be Holy in God’s sight is if God himself gifts that righteousness.

2. God’s willingness to gift righteousness is a direct result of his own righteousness which produces kindness.

3. The only possible response from a righteous human is God’s kindness to other broken humans.

4. When we ‘respect’ the righteousness in another human or notice the unrighteousness in someone, we must always focus our thoughts about that righteousness on God and not the person…

Praying thanksgiving for the righteousness of one person…

While asking God to speak kindness and gift righteousness to the other.

No human praise and no judgement on the broken…

Just a focus on devotion to God who is the only one who can make someone righteous.

What do you think?