Spiritually Sexy? 5 Q’s

I thought I’d repost this article from ArtieDavis.com.

Artie is a great leader and visionary in landing churches in the rural cultures of America. Read on…

Sexy – generally attractive or interesting : appealing Miriam Webster (M-W.com)

The Church has lost sight of a core command…be a “refection of Jesus.” That means when people see us, they should desire what we have, because they see an, ”attractive, interesting and appealing” Jesus in us.

We are commanded to…”Go and make followers of all people.” Well, how do you “make” a follower of Jesus, when you don’t look like Jesus…you can’t! Those outside the Kingdom should desire and be drawn to the spiritual relationship we have with Jesus, in other words…

we should be…Spiritually Sexy
How “Spiritually Sexy” or spiritually appealing are you to those who don’t know Jesus. These questions may help you measure it…

#1 Do people genuinely like to be with you?
Come on, you know the answer to that! You may not want to admit it, but many “Christ followers” aren’t really following Jesus, and so no one is following them. When we genuinely reflect Jesus people will be attracted to us, not our morality.

#2 Do those far away from God feel comfortable being around you?
We have to love and accept people unconditionally. Not approve of their choices or actions, but we must love and accept everyone without judgement. We love, and show them the real Jesus, and the Spirit will draw them.

#3 Do you feel a freedom to hang out with those who don’t believe as you do?
If you don’t feel comfortable just hanging out with lost folk, then you’re probably religiously repulsive. You think others should live and believe as you do, even if they don’t know Jesus. That’s ludicrous!

#4 Can you ask questions about life and not feel compeled to tell them the “Truth?”
We need to earn the right in the life of a person to share real biblical truth with them. If we don’t earn that right before we share it, it will be like the seed that feel on the path and was trampled under foot. Give the Spirit time to till the hard ground before you start sowing.

#5 How many friends outside the Kingdom do you have?
This is really the litmus test. People need time to see the real Jesus come through you, but they can’t with a quick church invitation in the drive thru. Take the time and invest in real relationship.

Well…Are you “Spiritually Sexy?”

PS – If you are offended by me using the phrase “Spiritually Sexy” then you are not. Probably the only person that likes to be with you is you. (But I love you anyway, I just don’t want to be around you)