Where does the PottersHouseChurch.org go from here?


Ive spent the last 7 months listening to, learning from and developing a great love for the people of the Potters House.  God brought me here through a group of developments that made His calling unmistakable.  He made it obvious.  But He did not make it easy.

The first 7 months have been very interesting.  We have begun to revision kids and youth ministry.  We have seen several new families become a part of the church.  We have even seen many people step up to serve in ministry for the first time.  It has been great.

But that’s not all of the story.  As a leader, I have also stepped on a few land-mines here.  So far, none of them have blown up.  But one or two of them were a bit scary when they were first noticed.

So far, each of the land-mines were triggered due to a lack of understanding on my part or on the part of the person represented by them.  We just don’t know each other yet.  We are still learning each other’s innate values, expectations and traditions.  And over time, as we learn one another, we will begin to grow together, change together and become more effective together.

I’ve purposely chosen not to change much for the first 6 months.  Just in the last month and a half have we seen ministry changes start to take place.  And so far, we have had success in much or even most of those areas.

So where do we go from here?

There are two answers to this questions.  Well, there are two answers… and each really depends on what you mean by the question.

If it is a relational questions… where do WE go from here?  Then it deserves a relational answer.  This answer doesn’t include a detailed plan to guarantee that we will all be like family.  But it does give us some direction.

We need to look for opportunities to show love, appreciation and value to each person at the Potters House.  We are not a church for the young.  We are not a church for the old.  We are THE CHURCH.  And the church reaches out with the love of Jesus to all people.   So you and I must take that love and use it.

Never sit back and wait for someone to come and love you.  Be like Jesus and go after those you love or want to love.  Take initiative with your love.  Join a Bible Study class.  Take another family to dinner.  Invite someone over for a cookout.  Attend worship often enough that you develop relationships.  Help make this loving relationship happen.

Don’t wait for your pastor, deacon, family care ministry to call you.  Certainly don’t let yourself be upset when they don’t call.  If they believe that is true, it will only make them delay calling even more.  Take initiative to be loving and loved.  

I’d love it if you would introduce yourself to me personally.  Eventually, we will have the opportunity to share a meal together and get to know one another.  They may happen soon.  It may not be able to happen for a while.  But it will happen.

Relationally, the answer of where WE go is easy.  We are going to grow together.  That is where WE are going Potters House.


The question could also be more of a missional question.  Where are we GOING?  And I’ve been working on this answer for 7 months.  Here is what I know right now.  I presented this plan to the church council on Sunday evening with great feedback.  So here we go…  It has three independent parts to the answer.


1.  God is about to reveal his VISION or MISSION for us.  This will come with a group of values that God wants us to hold tightly to in order to accomplish the MISSION and see the VISION.  This is one of the primary responsibilities of a point leader.  And you can expect to begin to hear clear and concise vision from me about where God is taking us.  This vision will hold us on course.  It will give us direction.  It will make us more efficient and effective.  And ultimately, it will help us reap the benefits that God has for us.

The Scripture says that without VISION the people perish or cast off restraint.  They endanger themselves.  They go the wrong way.  But honestly, it doesn’t seem to give us a verse to tell us what happens when the church has a GREAT VISION.  We have to look at the stories themselves to see that.  The book of ACTS is basically a description of what happens when the church has a clear vision.


Expect great vision from God.


2.  We must clarify our leadership processes.  The Bible lays out a plan for church leadership in the books of Timothy and Titus.  The direction is simple.  The church needs Elders who oversee the church’s vision and mission and the church needs Deacons who care for the church’s people.  The Elders are responsible for making sure that the church is following the SPIRIT of God and the Deacons are responsible for helping the people fall deeper in love with one another and climb higher in dedication to service.  We will be building up our leaders to empower the vision/mission in order to see God do all that He wants to do in us.


3.  We need a very clear strategy for ministry.  People always ask strategy questions.  How many worship experiences are we going to have?  What are we going to do with Sunday Evenings?  What do you think about the music style, choir & praise team?  How are we going to reach lost people?  What do you want to do with youth ministry?

You see, these are strategy questions.  And you can’t really answer strategy questions until you have the right leaders following the right vision.

If you do, you will end up having to adjust your strategy greatly once you have great leaders and a great vision.  So most of the strategy questions will need to be answered later.


But a year or so down the road, you can expect that we will have clear and compelling vision, strong and directed leaders and a strategy that is sure to help us follow the Holy Spirit in becoming the church he has created us to be.


That is the plan.