Weekend of Service with the Potters House


This event has been rescheduled for January 10-12.

Churches hold many roles and carry many responsibilities in the communities in which they exist.  They are centers for worship, social interaction and connection, relational and spiritual counseling, morality education, etc.

But the most important roll that any church carries is that of ‘showing’ and ‘sharing’ the love of Jesus Christ.  And Jesus tells us that the best way to show his Love is to act our KINDNESS to those around us.

So this weekend, December 6-8, we are throwing a huge WEEKEND OF SERVICE.  The goal of the Service Weekend is to find creative ways to be a blessing to people in our community.  There are only 2 rules.

1.  Be a Blessing.

2.  No strings attached.

That means that we don’t expect anything in return.  We don’t receive donations for our kindness.  And all the honor for our service goes to Christ and the people we are serving.

So, the people of the Potters House will be seeking out unique and exciting ways to serve the people of Livingston County and display the love of Jesus in practical ways.  Get your group, Sunday School Class, ministry team, etc together today and start coming up with creative ways that you can serve your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends.

Then come Sunday night with the intention of sharing stories about all the ways that God blessed your service.  (The Sunday Night Worship Experience will primarily be about sharing stories from the weekend of service.)

We are taking the things we have learned in the PUZZLED series and putting them to practice this Christmas season in Livingston County. Everyone should be a part. No one is too young or too old to serve. No one is to new to the faith and no one has been around too long to serve. Jesus is counting on us to share His Good News in obvious and loving ways in our community. This will be a memorable, exciting and spiritually profitable way. So what will you do and who will you serve with at the Day of Service? Start dreaming, praying and planning today. 


Here are some ideas…

Block Parties

Christmas Gift Baskets for Teachers, Police, County Road Workers, Fire Houses, etc

Take & Have Dinner with a Shut-In

Decorate someone else’s home for Christmas.  Focus on those not able to do it.

Christmas Caroling in your neighborhood.

Go and sit with and pray for those at Salem Hospital or area nursing homes.

Take cleaning supplies to area businesses and offer to clear their restrooms, break rooms and any other area that serves as a blessing to the staff.  Make sure and leave a nice gift basket when you are done. 

Find a single mom in the area and help her with clearing leaves from her yard.


Make sure and go to http://pottershousechurch.org/amen-corner/ and share your story of service.