Diversity in Friendship


For as long as I can remember, I have had a diverse group of friends. And although I’ve seen it difficult to be ‘best’ friends with those who have major worldview differences than mine… Having kind and caring relationships with people who see the world through different eyes than I do had worked well.

But today I’m contemplating the benefits verses the difficulties of these types of relationships.

1. I’ve seen many people respond to Christ in some part due to our friendship. That’s an obvious pro.

2. I’ve learned a lot from others who have helped me see the world differently. People of different racial heritage, theological perspective, financial background, etc have really broadened my perspectives. That’s an obvious pro.

3. I’ve had the pleasure of helping people understand others through this type of relationship. There have been many blessings in conflict management and relational healing. That’s a bunch of pros.

4. But these types of relationships have also brought much hurt in my life. I have hurt people’s feelings when I didn’t mean to. I’ve been hurt by those who did not mean to cause me pain. And I’ve completely lost a few friendships over differences of opinion on some significant issues. This has obviously been a difficulty, a con.

There are days I want more of these types of relationships. And there are days when I want to surround myself with folks who feel the same about everything as me. (That would certainly be easier..)

I think I know where I will end on this issue.

Where are you on this topic? What so you think? Do you see great value in diversity of friendship…