Weekend of Service

“It is the KINDNESS of GOD that brings men to repentance.”  Romans 2:4


Alright Potters House folks,

This weekend (January 10-12) is the big moment we have been talking about, praying for and working toward.  Are you ready to serve?

In order to answer that question, you will need to answer a few other questions…

1.  Have you considered an individual or group of people you want to serve?

This could be your neighbors, teachers at your kids school, police and fire servicemen & women, highway and road crews, the elderly at a local nursing home, employs at a local company, those dealing with illness in Salem hospital, or those in waiting rooms, etc.  Our goal is to reach outward.  So make sure you think about WHO you will be serving.

2.  Have you thought about their needs? 

Service from you will mean more if it fills some sort of need.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  And it doesn’t even have to take a great deal of time.  But it does require some sacrifice from you to meet a need in their life.  By meeting this need, you are saying “Jesus loves you and our church loves you” in a very practical way.

3.  Have you thought about when & where you will serve them?

Timing is very important.  Make sure that you don’t try and serve someone while they are extremely busy.  Don’t interrupt their high stress work time by saying, “I’m here to help…”  They may not view that as help at all.  So be creative and thoughtful about when and where you serve someone.

4.  Have you picked up your ‘connection card’ from the church office?  They should be in the office by the time you receive this message.  Feel free to grab one at the worship experience this Wednesday evening.  Or call or come by the office through the week to grab as many as you need.  We purchased 1000 of these cards.  So take more than enough.  The cards will be a nice way of helping connect those you serve to the church.  You are serving them on behalf of the church.  And this will connect them to further opportunities to connect.  It will send them to the church’s FB page and website.  It will also give them some other connection information.  These cards are free for you to take.

5.  Have you prayed that God will use your service to impact someone far beyond the specific service you are doing?  Make sure to pray for them.  Make sure to pray for those who may observe what you do.  Ask God to begin something great in our community through this act of kindness.

6.  Do you have your “Church has left the House” shirts?  If so, consider wearing these shirts if you are doing a service event where passers-by may be affected.  I know its the winter & these are short sleeve… so that may take some creativity…  But they seem to go great under a zipper hoodie or over a long sleeve solid color tshirt.  The shirts at $12 and can be purchased at the church office.


There is only one other question.  

Will you follow through and show the love of Jesus in a practical way this weekend?  

Don’t be intimidated.  Don’t talk yourself out of it.  Serve your community with the kindness of Christ and be a part of something amazing that Christ is beginning in us.

PS.  Let me know what you are doing.  I’d love to pray for you and those you serve as well.  For some of you, your service project requires some advertising.  And I’ll certainly help out any way I can with that as well.  I’ll start doing that for those I already know about tomorrow.

Thanks everyone.

Now lets go serve!


Luke 6:35 
But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.