New stuff at the Potters House this weekend.

The Sunday morning kids ministry at the Potters House is called  And this weekend, we are unveiling a few exciting developments to our facility and resources that we have been working on for quite some time.

We hope to welcome you and your entire family to the Potters House and, for many young families and grand parents raising grand kids, that begins by finding a place that your kids connect, enjoy & learn about Christ.

This Sunday, for kids between 1st & 4th grades, we are unveiling the TreeHouse.  This three segment classroom has brightly painted walls, great learning equipment, video games & a huge indoor tree house & great teachers.  These kids will be learning scriptural teaching as well as building foundational relationships and having a blast while doing it.



For kids in 5th & 6th grades we have updated rooms with the technology that grabs their attention (big screen tv’s, PS4, Xbox, etc) as well as more kinetic activities like basketball.  Our caring adults teach and show them the Scripture and principles from the Bible while they enjoy getting to know one another and celebrating the good that God has done in their lives.


And for adults, our worship experience is casual, relaxed, honest and helpful to those who are new to church.  Everything from the music, to personal stories to the teachings are geared toward helping people grow closer to Christ and learn more about all the great things He is doing in our lives.



There are also Bible study groups (Sunday School Classes) for many different ages of adult.  We would love for you to be a part of it.  While your kids and grand kids are worshiping, learning and developing relationships… you can be doing the same.

Bible Study Classes are at 9:30

Worship Gathering is at 10:45.

Everyone is wanted and welcome.